Have you ever read or seen any statistics of vehicle accidents happening all around the world? One of the reason of an accident is people`s negligence: buying a used vehicle they do not verify any information about the used vehicle they intend to buy. Internet sales are not exotic thing anymore, but a normal shopping procedure. Unfortunately, just by looking on vehicle pictures won`t provide you any useful details and behind the picture many defects may be hidden. The decision comes right away: ordering full vehicle history report you will find out if the used vehicle has been damaged, repaired, ever stolen or it is really a clean vehicle.

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I was looking for a pickup truck for myself on Copart. My friends warned me that was a bad idea to buy a vehicle without having it checked. Thanks God, I first checked the lots on VEHICLEDEFVIN. I was stunned when I learnt that was about to buy a flood vehicle! Only the 3rd of my chosen vehicles didn`t seem to have any problems in the past. “Keep on checking” is my new motto!

- Robert Woodsen, propane and propane accessories sales manager.